Tiller and Grain was created by Clair Dowling. Her love of food has always been there and she changed careers a number of years ago to become a chef.

“I never believed that my dream would become a reality. From the choice of décor to the team that I have been lucky enough to have around me, I have always tried hard to create a warm, welcoming and kind environment for staff and customers alike. My story has now become “Our” story, to include the Tiller and Grain family, suppliers, producers and customers. We are on first name basis with so many people and I believe that my passion for produce and the beliefs that I have are infectious. Like follows like. And the excitement that we all have when it is a new season or a challenging season to create food around that is truly what drives us all.

I am ultimately doing what I have been put on this earth to do – and I never underestimate the truly wonderful people I have around me that have helped me get there.” – Clair


Clair Dowling


Our mission is to do justice to the farmers and local producers in Ireland. By sourcing and using produce as local as possible means that we use produce that has less travel time and is as fresh, nutritious and tasty as possible. We also care about our local economy and feel it is our duty to give back to this. This feeds back to our chefs to be inspired by what is in season to create new dishes and baked goods and ultimately benefits the spirit of Tiller and Grain and the customer experience.

We care about the land and the sea. Waste and single use plastic is a huge part of our industries problems. With this in mind, we have only ever had two bins in Tiller and Grain. A compostable bin and a recyclable one. We were very steadfast in this belief and worked with our suppliers closely to manage this situation. We give both our food peelings/ odd ends and coffee grounds back to Hussey and Sons who in turn feeds these to their livestock, and the grounds are used as fertiliser for the micro-cress producer who supplies us. All our packaging used is compostable and we encourage customers to bring their own containers and keep cups to reduce the need for packaging entirely.

We are all in a chain – these changes are small but feasible and help create a better world and environment for us all to live in.


“..The kind of salads served at Tiller + Grain are salads in the sense that James Joyce could string a few sentences together.” – Tom Doorley

“The real colour explosion is at the counter where bowls of salad as cheerful as anything the lunch scene has to offer sit waiting to be forked into boxes. ” – Catherine Cleary

A breath of fresh air on the Dublin café scene, sunny Tiller + Grain is serving up delicious food, and the most exciting salads in town.” – Georgina Campbell

The Irish Times

Catherine Cleary - The Irish Times

“Tiller and Grain: A cheerfully excellent new lunch spot for Dubliners…”


Tom Doorley

“There is a genuinely homemade, homely and caring feeling about what is produced here. It’s palpable.”

Business Post Review

Gillian Nelis - Business Post

“At Tiller and Grain café, you’ll not only get some great food, but you’ll also leave little trace from an environmental perspective..”



23 Frederick St S
Dublin 2, Ireland.
D02 KT21

087 680 8933

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Tues – Fri | 8.30AM – 4PM
Sat (Open for Collection) | 11AM – 3PM