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About Our Food


The ethos behind our food is very simple – Take the best of fresh, seasonal Irish produce, treat it well and treat it simply. We make everything fresh and daily with taste and nutrition being at the core of our food.

We are invested in our local economy and our mission is to do justice to the amazing farmers and local producers we have on this island.

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We are passionate about sourcing Irish suppliers who use sustainable farming methods, and have a similar ethos to us. We are lucky enough to count the following as working with us:

Meat: JJ Young and Sons
Fish: Sustainable Seafood Ireland
Local Artisan Produce: Lilliput Stores
Veg/Salads: Airfield Farm, Sean Hussey & Sons


We love to BBQ and are mad for a marinade! We keep it interesting by using herbs, yoghurts, miso, cochugjung and all cuts from the animal.

We also work closely with Sustainable Seafood Ireland and believe in using less common types of fish in order to increase the sustainability of fish farming in this country.

Big Egg BBQ


Let there be cake! We make all of our bread, cakes and pastries in house by using the best of creamy Irish butter, Irish seasonal fruits and gorgeous high quality chocolate.

Freshly Baked Cookies